• Yukon is leading the way to in First Nation Self-Government

    With 11 ground-breaking land claim and self-government agreements, the Yukon is a leader across Canada and around the world.

  • Yukon Tlingit Dancers

    Following decades of work by visionary leaders, Yukon First Nation land claim and self-government agreements are creating opportunities for future generations.

  • making a First Nation's drum

    The Yukon land claim and self-government agreements are the foundation for lasting relationships between our societies, cultures and governments. 

  • Signing of the Yukon Umbrella Final Agreement

    The Umbrella Final Agreement was signed in 1993.  It paved the way for individual First Nation agreements and a path towards reconciliation and positive change for all Yukoners.

  • First Nation dancers Da Ku Cultural Centre

     The vision laid out by Yukon First Nations in 1973 led to today’s land claims and self-government agreements. These agreements are mapping the way to a better future for all Yukoners.


Yukon is Mapping the Way with Yukon First Nation Self-Government

Yukon is at the forefront of Aboriginal land claims and self-government in Canada. Eleven of the territory’s 14 First Nations have settled their land claims and are self-governing.

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  • Land claims are not just for First Nations. We stand side by side to build community together.
  • We can see the huge change that only 20 years of self-governance created. Imagine what First Nations will be doing in the next generation!
  • We needed to do this for our children and our children's children. Land claims and self-government gives us a fighting chance in this world and helps us control our own destinies.
  • Land claims and self-government is a truly ground breaking process - I hope that it is used as a model throughout Canada and the world.
  • "We are trying to define our future for our children to be self-sufficient and proud to be Yukon Indian people."
  • Our First Nation government is making our nation stronger. There have been many positive changes for our people; they are bringing back our culture and teaching the youth.

Mapping the Way Stories and Resources

Yukon Agreements Trailblazer Contest
There are so many people who are working hard to bring the vision of the Final and Self-Government Agreements to life. We held a contest to recognise the hard work of these individuals. Here are the...
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Elders and youth joined Yukon government and First Nation leaders at the Yukon Forum in January 2017. This Forum between the Yukon and First Nations governments was focused on reconciliation, collaboration and building a strong relationship between the Yukon and First Nation governments. (Photo: Government of Yukon)
For Robin Bradasch, a citizen of the Kluane First Nation, the word reconciliation carries a lot of meaning and has for a long time. In Yukon, 11 Yukon First Nations have signed land claim and self-...
First Nation leaders and citizens at the Council of Yukon First Nations General Assembly (Photo: Alistair Maitland)
The Council of Yukon First Nations (CYFN) has a long and proud history of providing leadership and advocacy on common Yukon First Nation priorities and in working with the governments of Yukon and...
Everyone has a role to play in implementing land claims and self-government. Daryn Leas, Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in citizen I think a lot of the people I work with, the people I interact with my age, have...