Video Library

Our collection of videos offer engaging ways to introduce the Yukon’s Self Government and Final Agreements to students and adults.

Understanding Our Treaties

A companion to The Gordon Foundation’s Treaty Simulation.

19 Videos

Perspectives Series

A series of panel discussions exploring the history of Yukon’s unique approach to self-government and land claims featuring the people actually at the table. Produced in partnership between Yukon College and Government of Yukon.

4 Videos

A Conversation with the Children of Tomorrow

10 short videos featuring interviews with prominent Yukoners who were children when Together Today for Our Children Tomorrow was being created. They share their thoughts on the past, present and future of the Yukon Agreements.

10 Videos

Archival Videos

Historic moments and stories from the journey to Yukon’s Self Final and Self-Government Agreements.

Setting Our Course

This video was created by the Government of Canada to provide viewers with an overview of Yukon First Nations land claims and self-government negotiation and implementation including initiatives in the areas of governance, programs and services, economic development, education and land.

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